FYOG is a songwriting team from north-central West Virginia.

"Beautiful Faces" is not yet officially released as of 2021.  The remix by Sylvane can be viewed here.

"Spaces" was released in November 2020 and "Supernova" was released earlier that year in January.
Eric Lewis 
Although music has been his undeniable passion for over 25 years, he has a background in science that includes an M.S. in Geology from West Virginia University. He has worked with John Alagia (Dave Matthews, Vertical Horizon) and John Morand (Cracker, Hansen) and licensed music to MTV, Aware, and others. For more information, visit 
Rick Martin 
While obtaining a B.A. in classical guitar at California State, Northridge , he played in the house band for the Los Angeles-based talk show "Hello L.A". He has worked with Huey Thomasson (Lynyrd Skynyrd).